On The Run

Ahlam’s new fragrance is the glow of a world of innovation in the world of perfumes

A new fragrance for the gourmet elite, we named it Wajh because it is an innovation in the perfume world. It contains types of rare leather with frankincense, but this time with a royal flavor, these were the words of dreams when describing perfume, this perfume was the result of joint cooperation with Princess Sultana Al Saud, a perfume from the Princess Sultana collection, which includes Tasnim perfume.

Wajh Ahlam perfume is a mixture of tropical woods, authentic Omani frankincense, and a mixture of rare and diverse leathers.

Fragrance Notes

Top notes: vetiver, guaiac wood

Heart notes: styrax, cedar wood, different types of leather

Base notes: Frankincense, wood

Wahaj perfume is available exclusively in Boutiqaat, it comes with a capacity of 70 ml Eau de Parfum and it is priced at 40 KWD.

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