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Amr Diab perfume finally sees the light | Know the fragrance advertisement and its price

Finally, after a long series that lasted for more than four months of suspense and the sharing of a group of pictures from the scenes of photography, Amr Diab 34 Eau de Parfum will see the light after the perfume advertisement was presented with the new advertising faces of Enjy Kiwan and Nika Mariana, who accompanied Amr Diab in the perfume advertisement in addition to To another group of supermodels.

إعلان عطر عمرو دياب
Amr Diab perfume

The beginning was on October 8 of the previous year when Amar Diab longed for his followers and fans with a picture of his next perfume, commenting on the picture through his Instagram account. My first choice in the world of perfumes, it will be available all over the world, stay waiting, and from then until now we are waiting for the release of the fragrance that Laced with marketing character.

Then, pictures appeared, gathered by the media and model Enjy Kiwan, which is scheduled to accompany him in the advertisement of the fragrance, which will be directed by Tariq Al-Aryan and will be on the rhythm of the song “I am with you” from the album “Ya Ana Ya La”. It will be available in the market starting from the 22nd of this month with the official launch of the fragrance and with it this perfume advertisement.

The secret of the number “34”, chosen by the artist Amr Diab as a name for his perfume, and the decree behind his neck is the date of his parents’ birth, as they were born in 1934, and the plateau drew it 3 years ago.

Today, at nine o’clock UAE local time, the long-awaited perfume advertisement was shown, which is a beautiful romantic scene imagined by two girls, who pass by Amr Diab, siding with them, and they experience the same beautiful moments with him. The fragrance announcement is dominated by joy, joy, the character of happiness, and the celebration of the beautiful details of life.

Amr Diab appears in the video in full elegance, wearing his black suit and sprinkling a few drops of his perfume to go out with his sweetheart Nika Mariana, who is waiting for him in front of the hotel and has in mind those happy days that she lived with him while driving his yellow Mercedes, and they spend beautiful times in the charming suburbs of Dubai, in those Meanwhile, Enjy Kiwan recalls those beautiful moments that she dreams of living with Amr Diab, but Amr walks in front of her as if he does not know her to go out with his new girlfriend, and so the plateau spends his day every day with a beautiful girl and a new adventure.

The price of the Amr Diab perfume is expected to be 150 USD.

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