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Overture Woman Amouage: the classic glow of bold and sophisticated confidence

Overture Woman is an homage to the modern woman – bold, cultured, and full of mystique, telling the story of that once in a lifetime moment when nothing else matters. Created by master perfumer Annick Menardo, the heady fragrance is a symphony of some of the world’s rarest and most sought-after ingredients, evoking the intense emotion of a captivating opera performance. To be in the presence of Overture Woman is to bear witness to the extraordinary.

Overture Woman Amouage
Overture Woman Amouage

Overture is an operatic symphony that stirs emotions and captivates hearts. Its melodies play the most beautiful and most luxurious aromatic ingredients, such as saffron, leather, and luxurious gums.

Overture opens with saffron and bergamot with a refreshing touch of green apple and brandy with a surprisingly deep, harmonious sweetness.

Overture perfume for women
Overture perfume for women

It coincides with saffron and boozy notes, luxurious resinous such as benzoin and myrrh with mountain roses that adorn the Omani green mountain.

A poetic harmony of ingredients with leather, Omani frankincense and labdanum at the base, with a very luxurious leathery amber character.

the classic glow from Amouage
the classic glow from Amouage

The beautiful thing is that the opening I see as the most beautiful in the fragrance’s transitions, but rather present in the background sweetly.

Despite the exclusiveness of the fragrance to Harrods at the time and its rarity in our Arab world, I felt immersive happiness when I acquired it, and my happiness was complete with the beauty of the fragrance, which really exceeded my expectations.

Elegance and grandeur immortalised in ascent. Overture Woman opens to vibrant Calvados, Bergamot and Saffron notes which are contrasted by the softness of Rose Centifolia, Geranium and Myrrh.

Frankincense, together with Labdanum and Leather at its base, bring a timeless sophistication to this heady fragrance.


Overture perfume for women can be described as saffron leather with an amber-spicy flavor with a touch of bold boozy, yet gentle and playful.

Today I decided to wear it for a special occasion to me with the luxurious Indian oud and Oud oil. May God perpetuate joy and happy events for us and you.

Overture Woman amouage for a bolder woman
Overture Woman amouage for a bolder woman

Overture Woman is available as a 100 ml Eau de Parfum at a price of 360$ through the official Amouage website.


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