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Silver Oud Amouage: An Ode to Burning Desire – Oud sculpted to perfection

Today we have the Masterpiece Silver Oud by the golden hands of the master perfumer the stylish Cecile Zarokian who didn’t and will never disappoint us.

I’ll be super happy to review Silver Oud, so let’s discover the Perfume that knocked the Blue Beast (Interlude Man) from the top.

Inspired by the themes expressed in Stendhal’s 19th-century French novel, ‘The Red and the Black’, particularly the notions of Confusion, Passion and Destruction, Silver Oud is a manifestation of the tension between idealism and realism, the contradiction between thinking and feeling, and the power of mimetic desire.


Very strong start of Nagarmotha which gives a powerful earthy aromatic woody scent with the patchouli and cedarwood appearance, gathered all together to meet the most Expensive and Beautiful Oud (Assam Oud) as I know.

As the Assam Oud is waiting for the 3 notes of the top with the strong Vanilla but won’t overcome the Oud.

In the dry down you will feel the strong resinous Amber coming from the base to be mixed with the Oud in addition the scent is smoky in a perfect way due to the Guaiac Woods from the base which gives a smoky vibes or leathery sometimes depending on the blend.

With this amazing and perfect blend, the castoreum appear after approximately 15 minutes to 20 minutes to join the smokiness.

To be honest I’ve never had a full wear of it and I will never wear it in normal days, it’s super luxurious and needs a very big special official occasions to enjoy it correctly.

A masterpiece that easily defeated Interlude Man. huge congratulations for Cecile Zarokian for the huge success.

The performance is beast lasts for 24 hours with 10 hours of sillage.

This is my review for Silver Oud, clearly I was super happy reviewing it. I highly recommend to try it, oud lovers you will buy it sure. Hope I did well and hope to see you soon.

Silver Oud is available as a 100 ml Eau de Parfum at a price of 455€ through the Amouage official website.


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